What's Your Angle?


When we feel like people are 'all over us', 'in our face', always 'attacking' or 'on our backs' Its a sure sign that something isn't right internally. We can't control how others behave, but we do have is the power to experience the situation from a number of perspectives.

So a question of self inquiry could be…

  • Why am I seeing/feeling this situation from the angle where I am defensive?

  • Am I protecting myself from something, if so from what?

  • Do I feel safe?

  • Do I feel uncomfortable because I am angry at myself or my situation, maybe I haven't done what I need to feel good right now and this is adding to my stress?'

When we inquire within we clear things up.

If we look back on the questions above and one hits home, the actual problem can come to the surface.

The person is not the problem anymore, nor is the situation, it is actually the lack of something that hasn't been given to self; a need hasn't been met and this is just emphasising the problem (really its just highlighting an opportunity to get on with fixing it ;))

I like inquiry, it just helps everything make so much more sense and it diffuses blowups and creates opportunities to ACTUALLY FEEL what is within the anger.

Try it out - if you need some help discovering it for yourself book a 'mind body mentoring' session with me so you can have power over your emotions again.

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Alisha Hyland