Presence in Chaos


How often do we move through life not paying attention?

In this space it can be SO fuck'n easy to miss the 'warning signs'; receiving a parking fine, loosing your keys when you're 58kms from home or realising the car just won't start.

We become so frustrated and overwhelmed we think the world hates us. This mentality then breeds a sense of loss of control and we can blame everyone, everything including ourselves. We end up so far from reality, we get caught up in the storm.

Whilst having 'bad shit' happen can make us feel frustrated and annoyed they are DEFINITE signs to say that 'arses need to get into order, STAT'... back in the here and now.

They are signs from the universe to say 'hey you, WAKE the FUCK up' now. :)

We get caught up in what's happening in front of us and what has been holding us back that we miss out on some pretty important information - info that leads us into the magic of the here and now. This chaos can seem as if one is loosing control but all it is, is a disengagement from the senses. SMELL, TASTE, TOUCH, SIGHT, SOUND, and EMPATHY (toward self and the experience). Disengagement from the truth.

If you find yourself in a 'harsh' predicament, a situation that is really pissing you off, tune into the power of your all-knowing senses and feel what information is already present, waiting to guide you back into REALITY.

Ask yourself

  • 'What can I discover in this moment that I never knew before' and observe the changes...

Be genuine in doing this - NO BUTTS - instantly chaos settles and the beauty of the moment is restored.

The beauty of the moment is where the true answers lie - peaceful, calm, in charge, in control of life.

Feeling like you resonate with this blog>?

Work with me further 1:1 or at Soul Immersion Retreat this March in India.

- FIND your WHY and FEEL the MAGIC of the PRESENT.

Peace out ✌🏼