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Sarah’s Experience

‘Alisha helps you Grow through what you Go through!’

‘At first I thought wow I’m really changing, but then I realised that I was just opening up to my true self up more, allowing the core of who I am to shine & grow’.

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Kim & Bodhi

For as long as I can remember i have had excruciating period pain and was often bedridden for days due to it, within 2 sessions I went through my monthly cycle without even considering a heat pack... that alone was life changing.

I am now aware of the emotional blocks that were causing this pain and now am able to work trough and resolve them better as they present rather than just suppressing them and accepting the pain as part of life.


My son had been diagnosed by an ENT with Glue Ear, after a speech regression. Jokingly a friend and I said maybe he’s blocking his ears from hearing all of the family drama and not speaking for much the same reason. I toyed with the idea and wondered how to find out if this physical ailment, was somehow related to his inability to process or express what he was feeling…

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I Highly recommend it!

Total wholistic approach. Everything from medical, physical, emotional, spiritual healing is considered. Complete package! Recommend doing a few sessions over weeks and months initially to get the momentum rolling and get proper measurable results like I have experienced! Alicia makes you feel so safe to open up and is a true healer. I enjoy our visits so much and gain an incredible amount out of the experience! If you've tried other remedies like counselling, modern medicine, herbal medicine, reiki or any of those singular things and found it didn't quite solve what you hoped it would TRY KINESIOLOGY!

It incorporates so many practices into one and has really helped me in the healing process physically and mentally, but not only that, I have practical ways now to maintain the healing. I have no doubt that my physical ailments will soon be totally healed, I have seen such giant signs of relief it's mind blowing! I'm so excited to continue my journey!

Thanks so much Alicia!

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‘Alisha’s sessions have been very valuable and life changing for me.

Alisha offers a truly holistic and individualised approach for whatever ailment or blockage you need help with!

Alisha is also great with children! My girls love their treatments!

Thank you Alisha for everything.

Highly recommended!’

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‘Thank you Alisha!

A little hard to put it all into words but….

You have helped me find, understand and believe in myself and find and nurture that little spark!

Awesome and fascinating journey!