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Alisha’s greatest belief is that….

“Expressing our truest mind, our healthiest body and the uniqueness of our soul is one the most loving things we can do for ourselves and the entire universe, while we journey through this lifetime. It gives us meaning and purpose, it helps us grow, expand and magnetises others to do the same – just a whole bunch of radiant beings illuminating the world.

If we can love the person that we are here to be - all the love, strengths, happiness as well as the the mistakes, faults and broken promises we can be our own best friend - how amazing is that.

We were born into the world on our own and we will leave alone - we only have ourselves to support and anything else added into the experience is a bonus. First and foremost we must be responsible for how we treat ourselves and then others will follow.

That one true friend that you may be looking for, loyal until the end, is within each of us and receiving its gifts of love, support and patience is the biggest favour we can do for ourselves in this lifetime”.


This belief came from her own mind body exploration, learning to interpret, balance and embrace her inner and outer worlds – opening herself to who she was born to be and expressing this with vitality, love and compassion.


"I see my life as a musical composition…

I can see the notes bouncing along the stave and my heart melts when these are all finely tuned – perfectly imperfect together. When I see and feel my life this way I flow better, I love deeper and connect with the essence of my being.

I am open yet connected inwardly, grounded in the essence of my being.

Before I began my mind body journey I felt flat, no colour, no life, I had a hard time genuinely expressing my soul… I didn’t even know that was a thing. It felt like there were notes missing everywhere, but not only that, it felt like out of the whole orchestra there was only 1 person playing all the parts… how can the orchestra survive if one person is doing the entire job?"

Alisha had to find a way to bring the life back into this musical. She explored every ounce of her mind, body and soul and there found it – her heart illuminating back. It had been left behind for such a long time but it was still there staring back, waiting.


These days Alisha embraces the uniqueness of her heart because there is "no one like me" - and she encourages you to do the same.

Alisha is crazy, buoyant human being with strength AND imperfections… both loved equally because they have served her well, given her wisdom to grow, expand and find her way back to balance. 

Holistic Kinesiologist & Mind Body Facilitator

Alisha is a Holistic kinesiologist, mind body medicine practitioner and lecturer who specialises in mind body health philosophy and transformational travel. Her passion lies in helping others to navigate their personal journey, exploring dimensions of mind, body & spirit as a means for insight, growth and positive change.

Alisha provides space for people to realise their own capabilities without judgement just pure support, knowledge, guidance and understanding. ‘I help people find the why, I help them uncover the reasons behind their imbalances so life is meaningful and relevant, full of purpose. This level of knowledge empowers individuals to make the changes they know they can and be the person they know they are deep down without the worry, stress and overthinking’ - a true facilitator of self discovery, love, understanding and growth.

In her life Alisha has been involved in creative arts and education particularly dance, performance, physical education and personal development. Alisha has taught adults and students of all ages including a number of years working with students with special needs – a heart opening, rewarding experience and a driving force in her role now facilitating others to be true to who they were born to be.



Advanced Diploma Integrative Complementary Medicine (ICM)

Diploma Kinesiology (KIN)

Diploma Mind Body Medicine (MBM)

Advanced practitioner of Neurostructural Technique (NST aka Bowen therapy)

Bachelor of Education Dance and Physical Education

Certificate IV TAE (Training and Assessment)

Certified Crystal Dreaming Practitioner

First Aid & CPR

Working With Children Check

Member of Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)

Fellow of Australian Natural Therapist



Lecturer - College of Complementary Medicine

Director of The Art of Just Being and Barefoot Soul Travel

Transpersonal Facilitator

Professional Development Programs for both

Schools and Health Therapists

Student and Graduate Mentoring

Retreats, Health and Well being

Travel - lived in, explored and discovered self in 25 countries over 10 years.

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