I was asked 'what would happen if you had to give everything away tomorrow?' I thought about it long and hard and realised I'd actually be ok.

They were puzzled and asked 'what would you do if you didn't have a house or car?'

'...I guess I'd walk... I replied. ‘I’d walk across continents, baring my soul to the earth with my partner and dogs beside me.

They look puzzled and asked 'How would that feel?'.

Like a painting, a dance, a musical composition, the layers of emotion, the strokes of colours, the raw beauty, the overall perfectly imperfect experience of being authentic, being human and ALIVE from the inside.


Discover Your Depths,

Be Your Adventure.


Learning to balance the inner and outer worlds have

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We believe being the best version of yourself is important - imperfections and all!

We love the connections that travel has helped us create

- a journey of mind, body and soul -

We all only get one shot at this amazing journey called LIFE

This is the chance to create your own story full of magic, energy, love and adventure.

Barefootsoultraveller will help you connect with and shift whatever you need to in order to feel authentic and honest with yourself.

Live from the essence of your being in harmony and live the life

(you know deep down) you want to live.

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Travel can be physical and it can be deep within the mind body and soul -

but no matter where the adventure or how it happens (heart of head) it is always transformational.


We want you to have the courage to love you, just as you are

- perfectly imperfect -

in love with the world too.

 When we accept our imperfections, we say a big phat YES to everything about us;

our beliefs, our decisions, our abilities, talents, strengths and passions.


and by being ok with this we put ourselves first (by default - no effort)

with heartfelt intention.