Sarah’s Experience

Having suffered from physical health issues, stress whilst also being on a self discovery journey for a while I took one of her cards & decided to check out what she was about. I’d heard bits and pieces about Kinesiology before so I was a little prepared & had made presumptions of what to expect.

Little did I know how big of an impact working with Alisha would have on my life & how much of myself there was to discover, heal & grow.

Being someone whose quite open to trying things I’m really shit at sticking to them but 3 & a bit years on I’m still seeing Alisha regularly with each session learning a little more of who I am, why I do what I do & how to break down those walls.

We are always evolving!

From the initial consult I felt comfortable, accepted & encouraged to be true to who I am.

She has allowed me to explore dimensions of my mind body & spirit & through her knowledge & experience helped me acknowledge, grow through & overcome/ see a new perspective on some of my biggest blockages. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve sworn, I’ve been silent.

We’ve talked about physical alignments, relationships, sex, acceptance of self, suppressed memories & how they all link.

At first I thought wow I’m really changing but then I realised that I was just opening my true self up more, allowing the core of who I am to shine & grow. I love what Alisha does & who she is as a person.

I know for some, asking for help or knowing where to go can be quite hard but if you want to discover more of yourself in a fun, supportive & professional environment I can not recommend this beautiful soul more. Whether it’s giving her a call or just giving her page a like you won’t be disappointed in connecting with this radiant being!