Kim & Bodhi’s Experience

Having never heard of a kinesiologist I did not know what to expect but through a friend of a friend I got Alisha’s details.

My son had been diagnosed by an ENT with Glue Ear, after a speech regression. Jokingly a friend and I said maybe he’s blocking his ears from hearing all of the family drama and not speaking for much the same reason. I toyed with the idea and wondered how to find out if this physical ailment, was somehow related to his inability to process or express what he was feeling.

I wanted to avoid a Grommets procedure, but ultimately I wanted to ensure that Bodhi would be able to express how he was feeling and coping with the stresses of our Family Life, to enable him to be himself and as carefree as possible at his young age. So I made contact with Alisha, and this is a decision I will be proud of as a Parent forever.

After a detailed introductory phone call I felt at ease and peace to take my Som to meet with Alisha and hopeful about the outcome as even over the phone she had a calming presence and was completely down to earth and non judgemental.

Appointment after appointment I saw Bodhi develop a trusting relationship with Alisha and he often talks about her between appointments. After appointments we call his Dad to explain what had come up and a Bodhi often fills in the parts I forget, or his highlights from the session.

Through muscle testing Alisha often brings up things that i thought were happening with Bodhi and It is comforting to know that with Alisha’s help Bodhi is able to express his emotions as well as relieve physical ailments.

Within weeks I saw my ‘clingy’ toddler come out of his shell and gain his sense of balance. I can positively say his glue ear seems to almost completely gone. During the sessions Alisha is able to bring attention to emotional blocks without Bodhi or I even knowing it is happening. She asks open questions and without any thought the answers flow and lead from one topic to another and ultimately they are each somehow linked.

Seeing as Mother’s and Children are so closely linked on so many levels I knew that making appointments with Alisha for myself was also necessary. I saw first hand the positive impact she was having on Bodhi and wanted to experience it for myself.


Kim’s Experience

Without any effort on my part I was able to look deep inside myself and resolve a number of emotional issues from my past, that had presented overtime.

Things that I hadn’t taken much notice of or given much thought to in over 15 years were brought to the surface and I felt empowered to discuss and resolve them during the session, as well as with a little bit of homework.

For as long as I can remember i have had excruciating period pain and was often bedridden for days due to it, within 2 sessions I went through my monthly cycle without even considering a heat pack... that alone was life changing. I am now aware of the emotional blocks that were causing this pain and now am able to work trough and resolve them better as they present rather than just suppressing them and accepting the pain as part of life.

I appreciate that Alisha’s approach is holistic and even though the things I assume will come up during my sessions don’t always come up, I am open to the experience and allow my mind and body to reveal whatever needs to be addressed at that time.

My appointments are often my only self are for the fortnight or month and not only do I leave with a positive outlook, it is also an opportunity for me to really focus in on myself and my life, as well as freely express emotions, usually crying as well as laughing in most sessions.

I appreciate the time and effort that Alisha puts into each session and making time for both Bodhi and I.

During the sessions, Alisha explains what she is doing, why she is doing it and I leave with a better understanding of how and why certain ailments are presenting. It is reassuring that she shares her knowledge and research, as it gives me a better insight into myself and my son.

I can not recommend Alisha highly enough and rave about our experience to anyone who will listen. I have seen the benefits of Alisha’s work first hand during and after each session and am forever grateful.