The Art of Just Being


'Just being' isn't something you have to achieve.

You don't have to be a guru, yogi or on any type of spiritual quest, it is a state of awareness within your body.

It is being able to feel ok where ever you are, doing what ever you are doing, with what ever comes (or is thrown) your way.

It is about taking the time to notice of all the senses in each moment. Being able to completely appreciate your perception of your experience.

Taking note of the information coming through your senses is not hard... it happens all the time without you noticing. The brain processes info super quick and if under extreme stress this becomes a problem for you overall harmonious experience because in times of crisis the brain will see things as a threat and creates sensory shortcuts to cope... in other words you may miss out on important info that creates balance rather then chaos.

If this is you, you can help yourself reconnect to the variety of pleasurable info your senses have to offer by becoming an observer of the total experience, even if you are stressed at the time - this is mindfulness... mindfulness is being able to consciously 'step back' to perspectively read your situation rather then reacting to it.

That is all it Is.