Inflamed, Bloated and Sore?


Hands up if you eat foods that you're 'not suppose too' or are intolerant/allergic too?
If you overthink and worry all the time? What about whether you feel overly responsible for the people around you, loved ones, friends and family and put everyone else first? Do you feel toxic emotionally or physically? Is exercise a priority in your very own list of needs? Do you overindulge in the finer things of life more then occasionally?

All of these aspects, when out of balance can cause harm to the body. When your body feels harmed, whether it's a broken arm or a broken heart, the body sends out signals to help heal the damage. These signals instigate inflammation, a response to help fight the harm, even if its a teeny weeny bit. Inflammation in part is good, we need it to mend our bodies and fight off illness but imagine if every part of life was taking a hit with extreme, consistent physical, mental and emotional stress and you weren't doing anything about it. It would feel ignored, exhausted and sore, it wouldn't feel good at all. If this was the body's state of being for a long period of time it would not be impressed resulting in bigger, stronger more painful signals. These signals could eventually display themselves in the way of chronic sickness and disease. 

This leads me to the next question.....

Have you ever wondered how all of these aspects, out of balance, affect the body? 

When the body is constantly fighting harm, all of it's energy and resources are focussed on making the affected area better, therefore the body doesn't function as well as it could. So I guess the answer lies in the old saying, 'Everything in moderation'....but how does that work? I know that when my mind is preoccupied with loads of stress I don't think as well as I could, I loose concentration and begin to feel overwhelmed. I like to do things to 'free' my mind. Kinesiology is a great way to help anyone come back to a balanced, clear state of mind where decisions can be made with ease. The mind, body and heart learn to work harmoniously with each other, allowing a person to step into their own power. When this is happens, moderation comes easily and anything is possible.

Alisha HylandComment