Food Sensitivity - Emotional Toxicity; Gluten Style


A journey of healing…

Since the pinnacle (thus far) of my journey of self discovery in Peru 2weeks ago, I seem to have released a lot of emotional and physical toxicity and am now able to tolerate gluten? YAY! I have been waiting on this day for 6years!!! Since studying mind body medicine, I have believed that if I can pin point and release what ever influenced the change in my gut flora, which has caused so much turmoil, I could possibly eat what I ever I like again without it affecting me. Complete homeostasis!!!

This is exactly the type of stuff I help people deal with everyday, letting go of aspects of self that do not serve the body and mind any longer.


It just goes to show how influential our crappy residual/ imbedded emotions are on our being. They don't even have to really effect us consciously. They could be experiences, words, residual moments of pain; your own or even others and somewhere something deep within you has clasped onto it for what ever reason long ago.

These little 'gremlins' then have the possibility to manifest, specially if you don't realise they are there! They can turn the body into your worst enemy starting off as aches and pains then full blown illness or disease and before you know it you are having numerous tests trying to find answers to something that is within you.

Of course there are the sayings, 'well I just deal with things, thats the way life is, I'm thick skinned and resilient nothing hurts me...'. These comments are all, I am sure, true at some stage of each persons life, even I myself have said them over and over again. But there comes a time that even a tiny bit of crap rubs off on you and becomes a mountain of crap. 

Even if you feel like a little pitbull, resilient to everything, it is still possible for negativity to penetrate the mind, body and soul. To have a backup system or a maintenance mechanism that releases this 'junk' like deleting a tonne of emails at once...  would be the best possible way to deal with life...  right?.. because at the end of the day all the positivity in the world, as well as the negativity is what call life. It's inevitable.

Well there is a way to deal with the old files and that is through mind body medicine and holistic kinesiology or put simply; understanding your body through its own psychology. Body psychology. Each anatomical region, limb, fingertip means something specific, the aches and pains or even silly little niggles are all signs that your body is communicating with you, although the question is do you listen, do you see, do you feel them?? 


How Can Alisha Help me?

So this is what I do in our sessions, I help you understand what it all means.

I facilitate a space for you to be one with your self, to connect, to forget about the chaos things that hold you back for 1 hour and give your body and mind space to be at peace.

A space for you to be heard, to feel centred, grounded and balanced.

I help you release toxic emotions; energetically, physically and emotionally,

I help you tonify the positive mindset and vibes so you can cope with daily life.

Are you willing to use the past, let go of the baggage and embrace a new healthy mindset unique to you?

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