Be Bold, be Beautiful


Be Bold, Be Beautiful,

Be You.

How many times has the idea of being perfect gotten in the way of your creative juices?

Did you know that perfection depletes our character, our personality our innate beauty, our soul?

When we are perfect we constrain our individual instincts, impulses, urges, our desires and we loose sight of what we personally need in life to feel ALIVE.

All of this constraint and pressure to be perfect puts a huge demand on our physical body too, we burn though nutrients, suffer from headaches, insomnia, we may feel hot, stressed, fatigued, frustrated, lost and depressed all because our body is working harder to keep up the appearance of being perfect - inside and out.

But, whats interesting, is that when we honour our unique and dynamic character, our body can begin to 'rest and digest' again. Just by honouring the beautiful imperfections within, we naturally let go of the facade of all things perfect.

....and there is space to connect to our AMAZING ONE of a KIND purpose; dreams, passions and gifts. The bonus is that we feel ON TOP OF THE WORLD, one that flows freely for us; no expectations to be anything but a beautiful you.

Whilst perfectionism may be a part of your life you can change and learn to be perfectly imperfect ;) ….. strange concept? Initially yes, BUT THEN…. as this pattern dissolves the world lights up around you and everything is brighter, clearer and FUN again.

By choosing to be just as you are, perfectly imperfect, you are actually saying a big PHAT yes to you and your internal beauty, power and magic.

So the question is…. 

  • Do you DARE to honour the beautiful being that you are?

  • Do you DARE to be perfectly imperfect?