A Letter to Your Expression


When we learn that we are allowed to feel what we need to feel, we let ourselves acknowledge something thats really important to us, no-one else. We respect ourself wholeheartedly. Even though it may feel uncomfortable or silly, these feelings are a way for us to learn and grow with heart.

When we give ourself permission to feel, we are honouring our own wisdom and ultimately we naturally then let go of the pain - it doesn't have a chance to evolve into anger because the feelings have been given the attention they crave and so have basically been allowed to serve there purpose. 

When feelings serve their purpose, life is colourful; there are still ups and downs but the vibrancy that comes with movement between the ups and the downs provides magical moments for our hearts to open. Instead of holding grudges or loosing friendships we see the beauty in being vulnerable and relationships gain more strength, trust and love.

It's ok to feel.

You are your own boss, you are your own person.
Don't let anyone tell you what not to feel, listening to those who say things like 'don't cry' or 'you should be....' restrict your natural way of being, your true expression, your natural flow. They only say them because they feel uncomfortable in the situation and this should be a sign for them to work with why they are being triggered too.

I help clients with this exact same process; thats its ok to feel, it is safe to feel and in turn they begin to heal. 

When we allow ourselves to feel, we are actually sharing our truest expression, how beautiful is that!